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01. who: organic autonomans from the future, sent back in time to save music!

02. what: kackedelic music - bops your robot head!

03. where: in your hazy dreams and on tour this fall - HEY check out the new video!

04. why: to save the music for future boys and girls!

05. when: NOW! buy the NEW ALBUM "convertible"!


GRG! specifications:

* organic matter limiter (with "ON/OFF" switch)

* variable dim control for transducer lamp and frequency display

* large meter with scales for signal strength, power output and EER

* meter glows red during transmissions

* roger beep (with "ON/OFF" switch)

* noise blanker / automatic kack limiter

* +10 KHxz switch

* echo with voice changer pitch control robot sound (four-position)

* kack back switchable during echo, VC or robot talk

* 81 watts maximum power output

* clarifier for receiver and robot transmitter

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E-Mail GRG at: robot@gorobotgo.com