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EPISODE 1 - A New Kack

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Out of the dark reaches of space travels a mysterious ship of unknown origin.

Deep within its confines, Emperor Boolutine, evil alien-at-large, contemplates his latest evil deeds. "At last!" he shrieks with delight. "Planet Earth shall be mine! Ha ha ha Ha ha HA!"

Easily eluding Earth's meager interplanetary defenses, Boolutine splash-lands into the ocean with a mighty "WHOOOSH! WHOOSH! Ker-plunk!" Then, all is silent once more ...

One quiet evening several months later, an ocean liner sails the very same waters where the space ship crashed. On board are mild-mannered haberdasher -- NEAL; and a drummer -- code-name: JIM.

"Mediterranean breezes refresh the palate," says Neal.

"But only with linguini," replies Jim.

The secret code uttered, Neal and Jim shake hands.

"I'm with GRG -- an agency that fights evil," says Jim. "Glad you could make it."

Neal pulls a detailed 3-D map from his hat.

"Boolutine's ship landed at point 'X' just last month," Neal explains. "And since then, our radioactive evil detectors have been going completely nuts! Plus, I have this odd burning sensation in --"

Suddenly, a gigantic beast rises from the ocean depths!! It is Kackalon, the great Kack monster, brought to life by the evil Boolutine!!

Will our heroes escape unscathed?! Will Boolutine destroy the planet?! And what about that odd burning sensation?!

Be sure to watch EPISODE 2 - The Kack Kacks Back

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