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EPISODE 2 - The Kack Kacks Back

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The odd burning sensation was acilic acid sprayed from Kackalon's nostrils. This beast from a cosmic hell cost our hero his body, but the scientist managed to save his brain. Attached to a p-3 v.79 exto plate system, they created what was later described in scientific journals as the first organically compatible human/robotic fusion model. With the strength of ten bionic men, Neal is now ready rejoin the GRG ranks and battle the evil Boolutine!

"My nemesis shall die!....and my flesh shall be avenged!"

"Whoa, mello out dude"

"JIM, you are only a drummer..what the hell do you know about?"

"Uhhhh, besides a paradidle, I guess nothing..but isn't that outside the realm of this piece of fiction"

"You are right young drummer...quickly to the star rider"

From the star rider our heroes gaze down upon the Boolutine camp and hear a strange semi-rhythmic chant.

"Uhhhh..what the hell are they pita coca? I'm getting hungry"

"Shhhh..listen its not pita..holy kack on a can't be!!!!".

Be sure to watch EPISODE 3 - Jim Becomes a man!

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