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EPISODE 3 - Jim Becomes a man!

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"Why are you spying on us?"


"We seek truth, we seek peace and high energy robotic pop music...Jim be cool"

"You will find no such things are fools to seek"

"uhhhhh..its a living"

Staring down the barrel of gun, our heroes contemplate their next move...the scarion 5 maneuver? Karate kick to the groin? What will the GRG agents pull out of their bag of tricks?

"uhhhh, your kinda cute, do you come here often"

Brilliant, the 007 seduction, or as its known on Kacktagon, transduction pleasure fusion."

"Do you like stuff?"

"Silence agents of truth. We are evil, we are great, we are the....god dammit why I am spurting out trite cheerleader babble. It must be your drummer magnetism. What is your name."

"Jim. But you can call me Jim...wannna gets some pie and listen to high energy robotic pop music."

"As long as we can smell some flowers! They call me Cheers. Lets rock"

Be sure to watch EPISODE 4 - Go!

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