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EPISODE 5 - The APD Crisis!saga5a.gif (129204 bytes)

"What now."

Jim looked down from the APD Building in distress. All of his plans had gone awry. Cheers, was injured, attacked by GRG assassins, and he was surely going to be recalled to the Nether Pits for punishment for associating with an Island Girl. His last-ditch attempt to save himself by summoning K.O.H. had backfired most embarrassingly. And, his enemies were starting to!

It was time for a strategic withdrawal. Jim, still having one ace up his sleeve, played it now.

"Cheers! Attack!"

Cheers reacted instantly. Her pantleg opened, revealing an open flesh wound in the thigh and a weighty raygun which she drew in a flash as the enemies advanced.

Demonbane was the first to make a move - drawing a flashrod from his boot. He was, therefore, the first to fall - a large hole, made by a very large blast, in his face.

The other assassin, Fister, also made a fateful attempt. His death wound was more spectacular, however, spewing alien blood into Jim's eyes.


As Jim fell, the the third, and until this second unknown, assassin jumped from his vantage on the APD roof and leveled a 20L vapor sheaf directly at the fallen GRG operative.

Cheers instinctively jumped into the weapon's line. In a shroud of smoke and fire, her body exploded, sprouting white viscous mass, circuitry and random wires in all directions. Her face popped off, revealing two beady robot eyes floating in a sea of electronics. Then, she fell over.

"Die bastard" Jim yelled as he pulled the trigger killing the ghost assassin.

Shocked at the revaluation Cheers was a Level 3 Andromat, Jim, dazed up at the stars, fighting the conflicting emotions of surviving a sure death and once again falling in love with a synthetic. The only solace in the latter being the famed Level 3's were programmed for assimilation and therefore capable of what scientist conjectured was human thought.

"Thats way" Jim breathed.

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