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TUNES! In earthling mp3 format

see you on the radio!

01. see you on the radio

A sentimental tribute to making out in cars! (Don't act like you've never done it!)


the queen of the roller rink!

02. the queen of the roller rink

The girl everyone fell in love (lust) with. Come on, remember, even robots melted over her.


marmalade 99!

03. marmalade 99

Semi autobiographical account of robots clubbing in jolly England. The sounds, the people, the beat - it's too much, man!


strawberry blonde

04. strawberry blonde

Hair is more important than personality. Even robots know that!



05. bingo

The beach, cherry gin, surfing, young female types - what more could a robot want!


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06. marmalade 2000

Turn on your disco ball and check out the new remix of Marmalade 99


If you want MP3's from Shinola link here!




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